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Ontario State Recreation Site

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Snake River (Near Farewell Bend)

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Ontario Sewer Ponds

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Malheur Butte

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Malheur River

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Love Reservoir

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Located on the west edge of town, the airport can be accessed in several ways. From Ontario, take any road heading west and you should end up on the Yturri Beltline. At the junction of the beltline and OR 201, turn west onto SW 4th St. This road will give you a view of the north side of the airport. You can then make a loop around the airport using Clark Blvd, SW 18th, and Hwy 30. Pull off wherever you have good viewing and scan for birds.


Habitat and Birds

Gulls sometimes loaf here year-round but this is primarily a location for flocks of songbirds. Check the flocks of blackbirds for Rusty Blackbird. Check winter Horned Lark flocks for longspurs and Snow Buntings. Check sparrow flocks for Harris’s, Am. Tree, and Golden-crowned Sparrows.