Rufus Treaty Fishing Access Site (Rockbeach Lane)

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Giles French State Park and the John Day Dam

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Scott Canyon and Scott Canyon

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Deschutes River State Recreational Area

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Mouth of the Deschutes River

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Mud Hollow Road

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Fulton Canyon

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Biggs-Rufus Frontage Road

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From the town of Rufus, take Co-op Road under the freeway to the Columbia River. Turn left on the last road and use the turnouts to view riparian areas and the river. Access views of the river by taking Rockbeach Lane to the east.


Habitat and Birds

This area provides good views of the Columbia River and some limited riparian areas. Ring-necked Duck, both scaup, and Bufflehead are common here. Other ducks can be found in the mix including Tufted Duck. Keep an eye out for gulls moving along the river.