Scott Canyon and Scott Canyon

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Mud Hollow Road

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Mouth of the Deschutes River

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Giles French State Park and the John Day Dam

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Biggs-Rufus Frontage Road

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Rufus Treaty Fishing Access Site (Rockbeach Lane)

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Deschutes River State Recreational Area

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Fulton Canyon

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South out of Rufus for 9 miles where it enters the town of Wasco.


Habitat and Birds

Mostly farmland but some canyon-lands and grasslands. Check this area in winter for Horned Lark flocks on the road. Lapland Longspurs can be found mixed in with the larks. Sparrows are good here in early winter. Fox, Lincoln’s, and Golden-crowns have all been found here. Ring-necked Pheasant can be seen in the fields and Yellow-breasted Chat are sometimes found in the riparian areas.


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