Wasco and Wasco Sewage Ponds

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Gordon Ridge Road

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Between Rufus to the north, and Hwy 97 to the south, is the community of Wasco. From the Columbia, use Scott Canyon Road to reach Wasco (9 miles). From Hwy 97, go 7.5 miles north of Moro and look for the Old Sherman Hwy and a sign to Wasco. If you miss this road, a mile and a half farther down the road is Hwy 206 which can be used to get there as well (turn right and go one mile) .


Habitat and Birds

This little town can be an oasis in a sea of wheat fields. Check the city streets for urban dwellers that can be hard to find elsewhere (House Sparrow, Western Scrub-Jay and Eurasian Collared-Dove). A Gyrfalcon was found outside of town in 1995. The sewage ponds offer some good shore-birding and will sometimes yield teal and other ducks. To get to the sewer ponds, travel north on Church Street and head out of town on the Old Hwy 97. The ponds will be on your left. View them from the road.