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Mt. Hope Cemetery

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Baker City Airport Ponds

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Kolb Reservoir

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Baker City

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South of Baker City, Hwy 7 goes through a canyon and then opens up with farmland on to the west and the Powder River to the east. This is Bowen Valley. This small valley is only 4 miles long but can produce some good birds. At the south end of this valley is the Beaver Creek Road junction which heads east. This road branches to turn back north on the back side of Bowen Valley as the Bear Creek Road (about 4 miles back to Hwy 7). There is a good view of a Great Blue Heron rookery and a Great Horned Owl nest. Do not use this loop following heavy rains or snowfalls.


Habitat and Birds

Riparian stream sides and farmland. Look for Western and Eastern Kingbirds here. Bobolinks are possible here and raptors like Ferruginous Hawk and Rough-legged Hawk might be found in season. This can be a good winter sparrow area along the fence lines and Gray Partridge and Chukars feed in the snow-covered winter fields. Also, watch for Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, Brewer’s Sparrow and Vesper Sparrow on the loop road.


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