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Best Frontage Road & Smith Lake

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Bowen Valley

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Baker City Airport Ponds

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Mt. Hope Cemetery

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Kolb Reservoir

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Pocahontas Road

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From Baker City travel north on I-84 approximately 5 miles to Hwy 203 (Exit 298 going to Medical Springs). This Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife pond is just off Hwy 203 to the south. Take a right on Airport Road. There is a designated parking area on the north side of the pond but no other developed facilities. A foot path developed by anglers goes around the pond. Other privately owned dredge ponds are also located just east of Baker City along Best Frontage Road that is just off Hwy 86 at Exit 302 (See Best Frontage Road).


Habitat and Birds

A good spot to check for waterfowl and shorebirds. Snow Goose, Canada Goose, Trumpeter Swan, Tundra Swan, Eurasian Wigeon, a dozen other duck species, grebes, Great Egret, Osprey, Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier, Peregrine Falcon, Spotted Sandpiper, Western Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper, Several species of gull, and a few others might be found here.


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