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Hotchkiss Lane

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Yellowjacket Lake

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Donelly Road (NF 41)

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Burns Pond

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Burns Sewage Ponds and Burns-Hines Nature Trail

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Old Experiment Road

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Burns-Izee Road (NF 47)

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Joaquin Miller Horse Camp

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Idlewild Campground

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Delintment Lake

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Emigrant Creek Road

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Many visitors to southeast Oregon take advantage of lodging, services, and supplies in Burns and nearby Hines.


Habitat and Birds

The towns of Burns and Hines are often under-birded as many are focused on getting to Malheur NWR. Yet while Malheur gets all the press, a respectable list of rarities have appeared in Burns/Hines as well.

Often, migrants can be found in good numbers in the large ornamental trees of town. Check any area with mature trees for vagrant passerines.

In addition local specialties should not be overlooked. Western Scrub-Jays have established a small population in Burns. California Quail and Eurasian Collared-Doves are ubiquitous. A good variety of gulls can be studied at close range at the McDonald’s parking lot in Hines.

Check the cemetery located just northeast of the high school on Hwy 20 here. Western Screech-Owls have been found here. Listen for them along the sidewalk on the south side of the cemetery or turn west off of Monroe Street and access the north side.

Also check the Burns-Hines Nature Trail and Burns Pond.


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