Donelly Road (NF 41)

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Two burns: the Pine Spring Burn, and the Egley Burn, along Donelly Road (NF 41) make this a productive destination for birders.

To get to Donelly Road, take Burns-Izee Rd (NF 47) from Highway 20 in Hines. Drive NF 47 for 12.2 miles and look for a paved road on your left here (43.6426, -119.264). This is Donelly Road, National Forest Road 41.

Continue on NF 41 for as much time as you have. It will eventually lead you to Delintment Lake, 31 miles away, and beyond. It is paved the whole way.

Habitat and Birds

There are two good burns along NF 41. The first burn is called the Pine Spring Burn which happened in 1990. This burn was heavily salvaged so most of the burned trees are gone, replaced by Ceanothus. This is a great place to find nesting Northern Flickers and Green-tailed Towhee. Lewis’s Woodpeckers are scattered throughout this area in summer.

Continue on 41 until you get into a newer burn. This is the Egley Burn which happened in 2007. Black-backed, Hairy, Downy, and White-headed Woodpeckers utilize this burn. Williamson’s and Red-naped Sapsuckers are regular here. Check the bundles of mountain mahogany for signs of sapsucker activity. All the regular pine forest species can be found on this road.