Old Experiment Road

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Burns Sewage Ponds and Burns-Hines Nature Trail

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Burns Pond

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Old Experiment Station Road runs north-south for 4 miles, just east of the Burns Airport.

The northern end of Old Experiment Road is here, along Highway 20 6.8 east of Burns.

The southern end of Old Experiment Road is here, along Highway 78 6.6 miles southeast of Burns.

One can complete a loop by tracing those highways back through Burns. Or combine it with a drive along Fry Road.


Habitat and Birds

The Experiment Road Loop offers the largest flocks of waterfowl in the Burns area. Drive slowly, birding from the road. This is one of the best places to find Eurasian Wigeon, Northern Pintail, Gadwall, and other dabblers. Franklin’s Gull flocks can be large here and other gulls may be mixed in. Sandhill Cranes like this area as do Long-billed Curlew. Great Egrets are abundant at times and you can find the occasional Snowy Egret here as well.

Raptors enjoy this area as well, particularly in fall.

A quick detour to explore a few miles of Substation Rd north of Hwy 20 here may turn up big waterfowl flocks as well.