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Myrtle Creek (Driving Route)

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Galesville Reservoir

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Ben Irving Reservoir (Berry Creek Reservoir)

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Cow Creek Loop (Driving Route about 41 miles)

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At I-5 exit 99 South at Canyonville go left under the freeway and right on Main St. past the casino 1 mile; turn left on Third St (County Hwy 1) for 1.2 miles to Canyonville Park Rd; turn left for 0.3 miles to the river (42.939682, -123.265175). Return to Third St, go left for 0.2 miles to Herbert’s Pond on left (42.936633, -123.257753). To get to Stanton County Park return to exit 99 and go straight on Gazely Bridge Rd 0.1 miles and then left on Stanton Park Rd for 0.4 miles; turn right into the park (42.946435, -123.292911).


Habitat and Birds

Habitat: Herbet’s pond with trail; since county worked on dam very little water habitat but brush habitat is very good: cannot walk all the way around pond because of brush; farmland, river, riparian, mixed hardwood and conifer.

Birds: riverine birds, Green Heron, Spotted Sandpiper, Common Merganser, Pileated, Acorn and Downy Woodpecker, Black Phoebe, Pileated Woodpecker Brown Creeper, Bushtit, Wrentit, Lesser Goldfinch, and waterfowl. Best birding: Oct-Feb, MayJune.