Myrtle Creek (Driving Route)

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Ben Irving Reservoir (Berry Creek Reservoir)

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Cow Creek Loop (Driving Route about 41 miles)

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Galesville Reservoir

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From I-5 exit 108 in Myrtle Creek go 0.7 miles to the junction of 1st Ave and Main St. This is the start point for the rest of the tour. There are a series of small parks; most with a riparian component along the park edges. Best birded during spring migration. Millsite Park: turn right on 1st Ave, one short block to park. Evergreen and Creek-side Parks: follow signs by going left on 1st Ave, right on Johnson St and then right on Cedar St to Evergreen Park; nice stand of trees. Continue around the park to exit. Left on Howland St, left on Pine St, right on Oak St to Creek-side Park. Sewage pond and golf course: from start point continue on Main St 0.2 miles to Riverside Drive. Left on Riverside Drive 0.2 miles to Days Creek Cutoff Rd; follow this road 0.9 miles to pond on right. Bird the creek-side vegetation at the pull-offs along this road. Return to Riverside Drive and turn right; continue to Neal Lane and turn right; follow signs to golf course. Pioneer Cemetery: continue 0.4 miles south from start point on Main St to Pioneer Way; right on Pioneer Way to cemetery (very narrow road); hilltop stand of mixed hardwoods and conifers.


Habitat and Birds

river, riparian, mixed hardwood-conifer forest, grassland, ponds, parkland.

Birds: waterfowl winter and spring, Hermit Thrush, Yellow-breasted Chat, Black Phoebe, Western Bluebird, Western Meadowlark, sparrows, raptors. Best birding: May-June