Condon to Olex via Wolf Hollow and Upper Rock Cr. Roads

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Rock Creek (north) from Olex

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Whyte Park Rest Area (Rock Creek Crossing)

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Olex/Hwy. 19

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Cottonwood Canyon/JS Burres State Parks

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Hwy 206 Mountain Overlook

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From Condon, go north on Hwy 19 for almost 9 miles. Turn east on Wolf Hollow Road and travel 4.8 miles to the Jct. of Upper Rock Creek Rd. and Wolf Hollow Road. Turn left (northwest) on Upper Rock Creek Road and follow it to Olex. The eBird hotspot listed is just for Upper Rock Creek Rd.


Habitat and Birds

Wolf Hallow Rd. is fairly consistent for Loggerhead Shrike. Say’s Phoebe, Lazuli Buntings, Western Kingbirds, could also be found. There is a water trough on the north side of the road about half way down. Check here for birds coming to the water. Upper Rock Creek Rd. is another area of extensive riparian growth with good possibilities. A bit far from the road, but not impossible. Migrant Olive-sided Flycatcher has been seen here. A mile or so south of the intersection of Wolf Hollow Road and Rock Creek road, there is a small marsh. It has a small colony of Red-winged Blackbirds. One year a few Tricolored Blackbirds were found among them. Gray Partridge can often be found along the upper end of Wolf Hollow Road, just as it begins to dip into the canyon. This whole stretch of road is very good for raptors. Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon, Red-Tailed, Sharp-Shinned, Cooper’s, Swainson’s, Rough-Legged hawks, American Kestrel, Northern Harrier have all been seen. The brush along the road is good for sparrows. Rock Creek mostly dries up in summer and things slow down in the area. Northern Shrike a possibility during the winter here.