Hwy 206 Mountain Overlook

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Condon to Olex via Wolf Hollow and Upper Rock Cr. Roads

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Cottonwood Canyon/JS Burres State Parks

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Olex/Hwy. 19

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Rock Creek (north) from Olex

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Whyte Park Rest Area (Rock Creek Crossing)

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Just over 8.5 miles east (still on 206) of the intersection of 206 and the John Day River, you will find a mountain overlook and identifier. .07 miles east from the Mountain Identifier is Ajax Lane. Make a right and pull into a wide spot on the right hand side just past the turn. This has been a good spot for Sage Thrasher.


Habitat and Birds

This is an open sage area where sage species like Brewer’s Sparrow, Sage Thrasher, and Vesper Sparrow can be found. Also look for Horned Lark especially large flocks in winter, Western Meadowlark and hunting raptors.