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Hwy 206 Mountain Overlook

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Whyte Park Rest Area (Rock Creek Crossing)

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Rock Creek (north) from Olex

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Condon to Olex via Wolf Hollow and Upper Rock Cr. Roads

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Cottonwood Canyon/JS Burres State Parks

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This location is reached by driving south for 17 miles from Arlington or north 22 miles from Condon. It is the intersection of Hwy. 19, Upper Rock Creek Rd. and Middle Rock Creek road. Turn onto Upper Rock Creek Rd. and pull out at the wide spot just past the turn near the bridge. There is another wide spot just past the turn onto Middle Rock Creek Rd. where you can bird just north of the bridge. This a riparian area where Rock Creek passes under Hwy. 19.


Habitat and Birds

This location is the riparian area that surrounds the intersection of Hwy. 19, Upper Rock Creek and Middle Rock Creek roads. It’s a good spot for those just driving north/south through the county. It’s best in the spring for finding migrating warblers and flycatchers.


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