Euchre Creek

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Arizona Beach State Recreation Site

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Nesika Beach

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Burnt Ridge Road/FSR 2308

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Gold Beach

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Pistol River

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Hunter Creek

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Rogue River Walk Trail

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Rogue River South Jetty

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From central Port Orford at Highway 101 and 9th Street, travel south 15.9 miles on Hwy 101. From central Gold Beach at Highway 101 and 8th Street, travel 11.2 miles north on Hwy 101. The highway passes right through the wetland but high speed traffic prevents slowing down along here. At the north end of the wetland, there is a small pull-off on the west side of the highway opposite the Coy Creek/Euchre Creek turnoff, 15.9 miles from Port Orford. South of the wetland, small pull-offs on the west side of the highway are located at 0.8 and 1.2 miles south of the Coy Creek/Euchre Creek turnoff. The pull-offs allow a person to park and walk along the highway or the beach to view the wetland. If you prefer to view the eastern perimeter, look for a sign that says “To Cedar Bend Golf Course” and this road will loop around the wetland on the east side on County Road #510.


Habitat and Birds

Flooded pasture and wetlands next to the coast provide a tempting feeding environment for many species. Waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors (including White-tailed Kite and Red-shouldered Hawk), and Larids frequent this location. Keep an eye out for Elegant Terns in the fall. Black Phoebe can be found here (look near the bridge) and Red-shouldered Hawks can be found along this route. A Magnolia Warbler was found here in 1971, so you never know what might turn up.


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