Hunter Creek

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Euchre Creek

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Arizona Beach State Recreation Site

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Pistol River

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Gold Beach

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Burnt Ridge Road/FSR 2308

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Rogue River South Jetty

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Rogue River Walk Trail

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Nesika Beach

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From central Gold Beach at Highway 101 and 8th Street travel south 1.5 miles on Hwy 101. Just south of the Hunter Creek Bridge there is a large pull-out on the right (west) side of the highway next to a large rock (Kissing Rock). This spot gives access to the beach and mouth of Hunter Creek. To bird along Hunter Creek, travel 1.1 miles from central Gold Beach at Highway 101 and 8th Street and turn left (east) onto Hunter Creek Road (or backtrack from Kissing Rock pull-out and drive north 0.4 miles on Hwy 101 and turn right (east) onto Hunter Creek Road. On Hunter Creek Road in 0.4 miles you can turn right (west) onto Hunter Creek Loop and follow it 0.2 miles to the RV Park where you can get views of the creek near the mouth. Continuing on Hunter Creek Road, in 0.9 miles the road will return you back to Highway 101 at the southern Hunter Creek/Hwy 101 intersection. Before the intersection, Hunter Creek Road splits and another option is to explore further inland along Hunter Creek Road/County Road #635 as it follows the riparian zone along Hunter Creek. In 4.9 miles from where Hunter Creek Road splits, it turns into FS-3680. In another 0.8 miles FS-3680 turns away from Hunter Creek and climbs into the Coast Range on U.S. Forest Service land.





Habitat and Birds

Gulls, terns, and shorebirds can be found here. Offshore rocks might harbor resting cormorants or gulls. Search the waters around these rocks for Harlequin Ducks. Strange things have turned up here, including Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Orchard Oriole.


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