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Arizona Beach State Recreation Site

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Rogue River Walk Trail

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From central Gold Beach at Highway 101 and 8th Street, travel north 0.7 miles on Hwy 101 to Moore Street. Turn left (west) on Moore Street and go 0.2 miles to Airport Way. Turn right (north) onto Airport Way and go 0.1 miles to South Jetty Road/Oceanside Drive. The Gold Beach harbor is to the right on South Jetty Road and there is parking for the boat basin where you can look for shorebirds and loafing gulls during lower tides. The Rogue River mouth and south jetty are 0.2 miles to the left on Oceanside Drive. Oceanside Drive turns south at the river mouth and parallels the beach for a mile and returns to Highway 101 at 10th St.




Habitat and Birds

Low tides expose sandy bars that provide shorebirds, cormorants, pelicans, waders, and Larids (this is one of the best places to find Elegant Tern in late summer or early fall) a place to loaf and rest. Brown Pelican is abundant here. Look for Black Scoter with the more common Surf and White-winged Scoters around the boat basin. This is a good place to find Brant. At the jetty itself, Rock Sandpipers can sometimes be found in season, among the more common Surfbirds and Black Turnstones. A White-winged Dove was here in September 2000.


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