Laurelhurst Park

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This city park is located between Burnside and Stark on SE 39th Avenue.


Habitat and Birds

A nice duck pond surrounded by trees.  Great Horned and Western Screech-owls have nested there, and Barred Owl has been here.  The big attractions here are ducks and gulls while the trees attract many passerines.   A Tufted Duck turned up here one time.



  1. Can this be renamed “Laurelhurst Park?” Portland Parks and Rec, Google Maps, and EBird all refer to this park as Laurelhurst Park. Also, there are 3 types of owls that can been seen/heard here: Great Horned, Western Screech and Barred. Great Horned and Western Screech Owl nest here and so do Cooper’s Hawks. Anyway, just suggestions! Take care!

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