McGuire Reservoir

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McGuire Reservoir is McMinnville’s water supply, thus it is completely fenced, and there is no access to the water, However, it may be viewed from many points and is the best location for loons in the county. The real value of the area is an easily accessible loop to find a general variety of Coast Range species. Drive west from Hwy 47 at Carlton, 13.6 miles on Meadowlake Road to a view of the north end of the reservoir through a chain link fence. Continue past the dam down to a gravel lot (45.314903, -123.400092) at the start BLM road 3-6-15.3. The outlet stream can be viewed from the bridge here. The road leads away from the reservoir at first, but eventually circles it (take all left turns to return to Meadowlake Rd). This rough gravel road should be taken with some caution. Best viewing of the reservoir is at the south end.


Habitat and Birds

Common Loons are often found in migration, spring and fall. Migrant Scoters have been seen. Hooded Mergansers are regular. Canada Geese, other ducks, Spotted Sandpiper, swallows, Bald Eagle, and higher elevation species like Canada Jay, Northern Pygmy-Owl, Varied Thrush, and Olive-sided Flycatcher can be found there.