Yamhill Sewage Ponds

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The town of Yamhill lies on Hwy 47 between McMinnville and Forest Grove. The sewage ponds are at the south end of town, at the last parking lot before the 45 speed limit sign, on the west side of the highway. A brown hiker sign (on a fence) points to a trail along the creek. You can hike this trail along the creek until you come to the corner of the fence around the ponds. There is no access inside the fence. You can leave the trail at any point to cross the grass to the wastewater ponds. It is best to bring a scope and walk up to the middle of the fence on the creek side of the ponds. This will allow you to view the two eastern ponds. You can walk back to the north side and view through the gate to see the northwest pond. There are also ponds in the pasture north of the sewage ponds.


Habitat and Birds

Wood Ducks and other duck species can be found here. Shorebirds may be found on the edges of the ponds or in the pasture pond. Riparian songbirds are present in spring.  Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons, Black and Say’s Phoebes, Great Horned and Barred Owl have been seen here.